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This presentation copy of , "Fallen Heroes" and "Let's Roll'' is given in thanks for the ongoing sacrifices made by those who ensure public safety, and in memory of the fallen heroes of 9-11.

Jack Knight Acknowledgements

Cover Kathryn Donohew
Arranger J D Daniel
Printing and Copies Unlimited print@printgraphic.com
Engineering Zoo Dog, Hollywood CA
Music and Lyrics Jack Knight

Since August 6,2002, starting in Burbank CA, Hollywood TV and Film actor Jack Knight has been driving and flying across America (20,000 miles thus far), visiting Firehouses and Police stations in a show of Unity, Sympathy and Appreciation for the Fallen Heroes of 9-11. During his visits, Knight has been singing his inspirational song "Fallen Heroes" and presenting a CD copy, which he produced himself, to the men and women he meets. His odyssey culminated on October 12 when he sang his personal thanks to approximately 1,000 Firefighters, standing in line in the rain waiting to march to Madison Square Garden for the International Firefighters Memorial Service in New York City,.

He is also carrying with him commemorative "Fallen Heroes" Tee shirts to be signed by Public Safety personnel from coast to coast. He presented several of these to New York City Police and Firefighters during his visit to Ground Zero on 9-11.

The CDs may become available to the general public at a later date. If so, a portion of the proceeds will go to 9-11 Family Relief and to the Todd Beamer Foundation.